Tranquil & Tropical Myanmar: Top Things To Do at Ngwe Saung Beach

With our recent trip to Laos and Myanmar, our number one priority was to take it easy. In South Korea, we don’t get Christmas and New Years break like in South Africa, so we saw this holiday as an opportunity to relax and rewind as we kickoff the new year!

Myanmar’s exclusive Ngapali Beach is probably the most famous beach destination for tourists, but we chose the road less traveled, to Ngwe Saung (pronounced “Way Song”) Beach.

Ngwe Saung is a 14km stretch of silver sands along the the royal blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. A five-hour car drive from Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar, this “road less traveled” is surrounded by the beautiful natural landscapes of the Irrawaddy Delta.

We stayed at the accommodating, luxurious and affordable Hotel Lux, situated right in the centre of the town, and spent our days at the beach, snorkeling and eating delicious traditional cuisine.

Here are the top 8 things to do in Ngwe Saung according to Love Travel Coffee.

1. Watch the sun set over the Andaman Coast.

There’s nothing quite like it.

2. Spend a day at Eskala Resort.

Although Eskala Resorts are on the pricey side, you can spend the day there for $10 per person, from 7am to 7pm. We went there a couple of times to swim in the huge infinity pool, sip on ice cold coconuts and take naps in the lazy hammocks!

3. Get a traditional Myanmar massage on the beach.

Because where else in the world are your going to get an authentic Myanmar massage than in Myanmar?

4. Walk along the 14 km silver beach.

Just do it.

5. Eat chocolate banana pancakes and drink pineapple rum at Table 5.

Uhm, yeah. Table 5 will be most soulful experience you have in Ngwe Saung. We won’t tell you why, but ask the owner to take a seat at your table and explain to you the meaning behind the restaurant’s name “Table 5”, and it will pour you into tears before your get tipsy on pineapple rum and chocolate banana pancakes! Yum!

Delicious combo!

6. Go snorkeling at Bird Island.

This will probably be the most off-the-beaten-track snorkeling trip you ever take! Through your hotel, sign up for a snorkeling day trip to Bird Island where you’ll be swept away by a couple of friendly Ngwe Saung mermen, who will serve you watermelon and water on an old wooden boat as you head out for the most popular little island in the bay for a day of daring and dark blue ocean adventuring!

7. Meet a mermaid at Lover’s Island.

One of the more touristy spots at Ngwe Saung beach, walk to Lover’s Island at low tide to snap a selfie with an almost-real life mermaid and meet some budding travelers.

8. Eat dinner at The Royal Flower.

Considered the best restaurant in Myanmar (by us!), The Royal Flower restaurant is exactly what us travelers are looking for in seaside villages. With a Jack Johnson-meets-jazz-bar vibe and the most colourful cocktail menu, it’s the perfect recipe for a fun night out! A local band inspires visitors every night and the local menu will make you go back every day to try every dish there is!

Not convinced? Watch out for our latest video of Ngwe Saung paradise (ahem, I mean…beach!), coming tomorrow!

Have you had a tropical holiday in Myanmar? Whereabouts? What’s the best beach holiday you’ve been on? Share your travels with us below!

Remember, life is what you make of it!

Carmia and Jochemus

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