Welcome to Love Travel Coffee!

Hey Guys!

Welcome to Love Travel Coffee, our new adventure!

As we kick off this new project, we’re excited to tell you more about it.

Love Travel Coffee is a platform for us to share soulful experiences about the things we love most: Love, travel and coffee.

We’re a South African couple on a mission to make the most of life! We’ve been together for over 6 years and have had the wildest, most fulfilling journey…and it’s only the beginning!

Our goal

To share our soulful adventures with you with the hope that it will inspire you to pursue the life changing choice to make the most of life.

About the name

Love Love makes the world go round, right? This part of the blog is all about our personal growth as a couple and the joy we find in the little things in life.

Travel Together, we’ve traveled to 12 countries in two years and we.won’t.stop. To us, it’s not about where you travel to, but how you travel, that matters. That said, we’re all about responsible and authentic travel.

Coffee One day we noticed that there’s a common place we find ourselves whichever mood we’re in. We could be celebrating, sad, working hard or dreaming big- we love doing life in novel coffee shops.

What sets us apart?

…that having soulful and meaningful experiences is what everything we do is about

When we’re planning a trip abroad or to the café, we ask ourselves, how can we bring our purpose to where we are? We ask deep questions about the meaning of life, about spirituality, history and cultural customs. We won’t easily say “Yes!” to something without a true north.

…we’re all about being real

No, you’re not going to see us advertise an unrealistic lifestyle. Our intention is to demonstrate that making the most of life is possible for everyone…that dreamy travel is possible for everyone…and that larger-than-life love is possible for everyone. You should expect real and raw content from us.

If you have any advice or love to share, send us a love note or Say Hello here and feel free to take a look around the blog.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be traveling around Myanmar, so stay tuned for some new travel inspiration.

Remember, life is what you make of it!

Carmia and Jochemus

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