A New Beginning at Glass Haus

We entered the new year with a a dreamy sunrise and an early morning brew at Glass Haus coffee shop in Goseong, Gangwon-do Province of South Korea.

A 15 minute bus ride north of Sokcho you’ll find- hidden in architecturally stunning shipping containers- the grooviest new café on the block. A mix between modern minimalism and surfer’s paradise, this beachfront babe offers a quirky menu of pineapple-cinnamon-americano’s, coconut lattes (my absolute favourite!) and artisanal treats.

The name “Glass Haus” is not what it seems. Yes, the clear, glassy look-and-feel makes it the perfect spot for fashionable selfie royalty- one of the many reasons to drive from far for a visit. But what actually inspired the owner’s choice of name, besides his inherent passion for the ocean, was the barrel or tube of a good surf, also known in surfer slang as “glass house”. How cool is that?

So, just imagine how awesome our new years must have been! We rocked up in the shadow of the moon and ordered a couple of coffees. As the first pink shimmer of dusk drew us near, we lit a yellow Chinese lantern and sent it up to the heavens, along with our wishes for the year. On the snow-covered beach we watched the first sun rise, just a few metres from the café. Watching a winter’s sun rise has never been easier and prettier.

We loved that Glass Haus opened so early, with coffee and smiles; and the special touch of the Chinese lanterns for sale made it extra meaningful. Displayed lightly on the large sliding door in the front of- and around the shop, you’ll see philosophical text set to warm your heart. Quotes such as “Happy New Year” or “Begin Again”, which was really the cherry on top of this experience.

If you’re looking for a café to transport you out of your daily slumber, Glass Haus is the place to go.

Check out their cool Instagram page or give them a visit: Glass Haus


Carmia and Jochemus


Here are some photographs of the outing…


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