A Return to Love

The other day I wanted a cup of tea. I have one of those old stove kettles that get scorching hot when the water boils. The first time I picked it up, I dropped it because it was burning my fingers. Not ten seconds later, I picked it up again, to make my chamomile. I was moaning from the burning kettle when my partner came to me and said: “No, stop! Why are you doing that? Love yourself enough to wait until the handle has cooled down!” I have an amazing bf right?! But that’s not the point.

The point is, I, and we, so easily forget that SELF-CARE IS REFINED THROUGH THE LITTLE THINGS. Waiting for the kettle to cool down, moisturizing your dry skin, getting that extra sleep. That’s where it matters.

Through the ebb and flow of self-worth, I learn that the ebb shouldn’t be resisted but accepted. Honoured, not disregarded.

Many of you may see the value of positive self-worth or self-love as narcissistic. I see it as needed in today’s society where we find out worth without and not within. Take a moment to acknowledge how important you are, how talented, powerful and ever-evolving you are, in the small and the big things.


You are Loved,



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