Adventures for the Soul: Day 26



Today was all about self-care. I’m not gonna be shy about it and just tell you: I went for two massages. Yup. Cos I can, want to and deserve it. Yay!

Do you know what self-care is? Or isn’t?

Do you practice self-care?

What does self-care look like to you?

How does self-care make you feel?

Over the past couple of days I’ve been thinking a lot about some of my clients- most of whom desire an improved sense of self worth.

I, too, have struggled immensely with it.

The more I work on myself and the nearer I live to my truth and more I work with my clients and guide them to their truth, I realize that deep down the root of all “unworthiness” is self love.

Here are my defintions for the relavant words in the post:

Self Love: The goal.

Self Worth: That highly valuable feeling that wanders deep within your being. An almost alter-ego, a longing child-you, hurt-you.

Self Care: The pathway to improved self worth and tangible results to your desired sense of self love.

When I started walking the journey of self love, I noticed that self-care was the road-map.

I incorporated small, simple self-care rituals into my everyday routine and now I am so thankful for it. As women (and men) there’s something out there that’s told us: “You don’t deserve to be loved or love yourself!”

More and more we’re seeing the revolution of the self. The modern woman prioritises caring for her body, mind, spirit. You should, too! (Not because you’re a modern woman but because you’re awesome and deserve to know it!)

Here are three (very) simple self-care tips to incorporate into your life, whether it’s at home or on vacation or in paradise:

1. Body

Massage moisturiser onto your body. (Simpler than simple, right?) The trick is to be present and focused on the specific body parts you’re treating and to look at yourself through eyes of affection.

This is effective because we all need human touch to feel loved…even if it’s you touching you.

2. Mind

Create a mantra to suit your needs.

Affirmative mantras are more powerful than meets the eye. Why? Because they change the negative wiring of your brain over time.

Try designing a mantra just for you! What short, punctual and powerful words resonate with you? Incorporate these words into a simple sentence and repeat as often as you can. Stick it on your wall or set reminders on your iPhone and notice how your mind transforms lovingly in the direction of your self-worth.

3. Spirit

Pray. Yes, pray! Prayer is a direct connection to spirit or God or Source (or whatever you call it). It doesn’t have to be long either. Use prayer to inflate your heart.

It is effective in maximising self-love because it takes you back to the origin of your creation. When praying, be still, give thanks, pray for others, take a deep breath.


Lastly, while I’ve got my stunning mama with me, I thought I’d ask her to share with you her best piece of advice for self-care.

Her advice?

“Invest in your skin and cultivate inner happiness!”

Right on!


Now, I’d love to hear from you! Try these tips and let me know how it goes.
Remember, you cannot mess up your birth right to love, so take full advantage in loving yourself and creating the life you were born for!

Tomorrow is my last full day on the island so stay tuned for my last final adventure and soul-filled lessons!




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