Adventures for the Soul: Day 24



Dear Beloved Ones,

Just a quick pop-in and show-and-tell about my day!


Mum and I spent the day relaxing at the beach and went out for dinner right on Patong’s beachfront. It’s indescribably precious to me, having my mom here!

A gentleman approached us to buy a lantern from him and we did. A big, red, candle-lit chinese lantern in the shape of a heart that we sent up to the stars!

Why was it so significant? Because as I sent this heart to the heavens, I sent waves of love your way.

First, we blew kisses into the luminous heart.

Then, as I watched it rise like the morning moon, up, up, up- I prayed that everyone’s life I have had the privilege of touching will be filled with love…

Dear God,

May everyone whose lives I have the privilege of touching receive an abundant flow of pure love I send their way. May his or her heart inflate with flames of burning compassion.

Thank you,


Thank you for reading! I hope you find and feel my love stretching across the world and into your heart.

Let me know if there’s anything else you need a prayer for.


Until tomorrow,


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