Adventures for the Soul: Day 23



Dear Beloved Ones,

Hello from the heart.


I hope you are having a happy and thriving Tuesday, wherever you may be right now.

This morning we headed out with the setting of the full moon. (It was the first full moon of the Lunar Calendar, by the way!)

We were on our way to Coral Island  off the coast of Phuket for a day in paradise! Snorkelling, scuba diving, exotic Thai foods, baking in the sun was my reason for going, but I left the island with much deeper experience…

Over lunch time I met a young Thai man who goes by the name Donut. He’s 23 years old and hails from Northern Thailand. He is a tour guide here in Patong.

Two years ago he was stabbed in his heart and lungs seven times and lived to tell the story. He was protecting his friend who got stabbed six times in the lungs.

When I spoke to him about his near-death experience, he told me that it changed him.

He had been a “bad boy” before. The epitome of a young barman seeking unconscious distractions in drugs, alcohol and the party scene. Smeared in tattoos and with empty stretched holes in his ears, he confessed to me that he is regretful. “But I’m not a bad boy anymore”, he said.

I went on to ask him if this experience changed his life for the better. He shared with me that while he was recovering, he saw that he had a second chance at life.

Five months later he decided to get a “normal person job” as a tour guide in Patong, Phuket.

“What is the dream you have for your life?”, I asked. With as much uncertainty as confidence in his yellowy eyes he responded: “My dream…is to live each day, day by day. To live each day like it’s the last day. Because tomorrow, you don’t know what will come.”

What I’m taking from this experience and what I am hoping you’ll see, is that your life is the most valuable thing in the world. Your health, your contribution, your mindset, the present moment form this one precious life that you should not take for granted!

Lastly, let’s agree to always treat people from all walks of life with equal love and compassion. We never know what they might have had to endure.






One thought on “Adventures for the Soul: Day 23

  1. I witnessed this conversation today- about life and death and the greatest gift of waking up in a hospital bed and realizing you are not dreaming- you were giving a second chance. Let’s learn from that and embrace the gift of life, every day.


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