Adventures for the Soul: Day 18



Dear Beloved Ones,


Guess what? Today I traveled from Cambodia to Thailand where I met up with my mom!

I haven’t seen my mom for over a year so you can imagine the absolute emotional overwhelm I experienced during the 9 hour bus ride up until I finally met her!

If you were to ask my mom her definition of happiness, she would tell you it is to enjoy a meal with her family!

That’s exactly what we did tonight. We’ve been chatting the evening away and enjoyed delicious Thai cuisine for dinner!

I’m at the last stop of my adventures for the soul but it’s only the beginning of my time in Thailand, The Land of Smiles! I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

I’ll be spending the week exploring the spiritual destinations and turqoise beaches with my beautiful mom by my side!

Lastly, I want to ask you this:

What is your definition of happiness? And if you could choose anyone to eat a meal with, who would it be?


Until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Adventures for the Soul: Day 18

  1. Carmia was op al die plekke maand gelede. Lees so Lekker en verlang. Ek was mal oor Bayon tempel! En ons 2 nagte op Koh rang Saloem. Geniet Alles Baie. Liefde ook vir my maatjie Neliaxx hoop Julle tyd Saam us special. Lees grasg oor Thailnd. Was Julie in Khoa Lak. Geniet!!!


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