Adventures for the Soul: Day 16



Beloved Ones,

Greetings from Siem Reap, the home of Cambodia’s wondrous Ankgor Wat!

This evening we had the privilege of  attending a very special theatre-dinner at ‘Por Cuisine’ in the heart of Siem Reap!

We watched a traditional Aspara Dance, an ancient expressive performance. In Khmer mythology, an “Aspara” is a heavenly dancer that is half woman and half goddess. (Wish I could be an Aspara!!)

The myth expresses that all Aspara were born from the foam surface of the Milk Sea when Heavenly Beings “Tevoda” and Demons “Assura” churned the Milk Sea with the gigantic Naga (serpent) in search for the elixir of immortality (Toeuk Amrett).

The movements of the Aspara dancers show circular, elegant and floating motions and flexibility in their hands and hips. It’s like a meditation in motion. The music is mostly light and airy and the costumes are glorious! The Aspara dancers wear fine silk dresses trimmed with gold and sparkles. The head gear is gold, rustic and cone-like at the top of the head.

The performance formed part of many ceremonies and festivals during the Angkor period and continue to nurture the Khmer heritage.


What I loved about this experience was the strong sense of ritual and creativity embeded in the ancient performance and reminds me that there’s so much history, expression and depth behind ethnic cultures than meets the eye!

A special mention should go to Jeremiah from for organising the unforgettable evening!

Now I’m off to bed! I’m getting up at 4AM to go watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat! (Aaahhh!)

Sweet dreams and remember to count your blessings!




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