Adventures for the Soul: Day 15





Dear fellow Soul Searchers,

Today I’m going to keep my post short and to the point.

Have you ever found yourself in a mood where you struggle to be satisfied, where nothing is good enough, where complaining is all you seem to be capable of?

I certainly have- it tends to be a normal human reaction.

Here on my journey I see so many dissatisfied egos in paradise who have the potentional to transform their minds but just don’t know how. From my experience, there is one reason it comes about:

When we live in the past or a projection of the future; ultimately dis-identifying ourselves with the present moment. 

Complaining is the ego’s way of strengthening itself and weaking your spirit. To complain means that you are unable to accept reality. For example, when you are frustrated with the wind or your friend or the salad you ordered at your favourite café and can’t stop saying negative things about it, it means you desire to control what is and that you’re unable to accept what is.

As a result, you constantly carry negative energy with you, everywhere you go. You become a victim. That negative energy poisons you as well as the people close to you. Darn it!

So, how can you work at a constant flow of positive energy and banish your ego’s silly mind tricks?

Start off by changing the situation by taking action. Empower yourself by speaking out about it.

Ask yourself:
“Can I change the situation I’m in?” or

“Is it really that bad?” or

“Is it necessary or possible to change it?”

If it is impossible to change it, then accept it for what it is.

What I usually try to do is become aware of my thoughts and the things I say, and catch the negativity before it manifests into something bigger!

The reason I’ve brought this up today is because I want to help you live in your purest light!

For more tips about creating the life you were born to live, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.




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