Adventures for the Soul: Day 14



In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

-Job 12:10


Today I went island hopping of the coast of Cambodia and it was a dream!

I went coral snorkeling at Koh Tas and island trekking in an untouched rain forest and swimming in turquoise waters at Koh Rong Samloem’s white beaches, the first protected beach in Cambodia. A true authentic and natural Cambodian experience!

As we were snorkeling with the most beautiful stripy, spotty and charming tropical fish, big and small, I started feeling a strong sense of harmony come over me. I’m not really sure how to define it, but it brought to mind a pure sense of belonging, hope, conviction and connection to all living creatures.

In a quick moment I let go of all my selfish desires and saw before me a great big wild world filled fully with meaning, purpose, design and miracles.

Then something else came to mind.

I have one too many friends who have told me their parents did not plan to conceive them. I also know people who have unexpectedly become expectant. From what I’ve seen, it affects the child’s sense of self-worth in a way that is indescribable in that they don’t feel as though they belong or serve a purpose, within their family or the world. They were not planned or desired.

It breaks my heart. Out there in the coral reef I experienced a feeling so deep that I now know, see and feel, that all living creatures, whether it’s the human beings scattered across the earth or the tiny tropical fish dancing along pearly shores- have been designed and desired to serve a great wild purpose on this earth.

As human beings we can become so swept up in questions such as “What’s my purpose?”, “Who am I?”, “Where do I belong?”, “What do I want to be?”, “What do I want to do?” etc. I know I certainly do (do you?!) In the meantime we forget that all is taken care of by a inspiring Source (God, Creator, Being, Lord), to the finest, sweetest detail like the orange stripes on the Butterfly fish.

You are a miracle. You are perfect. You are a part of a great big plan waiting to unfold. Show up so that you can take your place and create the life you were born to live!





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