Adventures for the Soul: Day 13



Dear friends,


Happy Saturday! What I want to write to you about today is just in time for the weekend!

Today was the first day in my almost two-week journey that I rested. As in actually rested. I’m the kind of person who is very energetic and lively, daring and busy, go go go. I’m always asking, “what’s next?!

It has its positive and negative aspects. It means I get a job done efficiently, my outlook on life is positive and happy and full of adventure. On the other hand, I rarely take it slow and don’t open up much time for free time. Whoops. Last night I even became a little anxious when my partner said: “Let’s just take it easy tomorrow. Only get up at 8 and just lounge around on the beach!” Whoa! What a challenge. But luckily I love a challenge, so that’s what I’ve been doing today: taking it easy, being extra mindful and resting!

It feels so good that I want to talk to you about it. I know that you also have a life that is often filled with more stress than happiness, more to-do lists than deep breaths.

Rest is very important for your body, mind and soul. Why? Because of these reasons:

1. Rest allows you to take it slow and make space and time for freedom so that you can play, create, sleep or eat, or do light little things. Freedom and creativity is often overlooked but vital in the quest to staying true to ourselves.

2. Rest is meditative. By resting your body, mind and soul you have the chance to go within, breathe deeply and return to that place of self-love and authenticity (something we neglect so easily!)

3. Rest re-energises you. With a little recouperation you can gain back your strength to approach your work actively and purposefully.

You are allowed to rest and take it slow. Remove all tensions and feelings of guilt. You deserve to make that choice.

Now I’m going to finish typing this post on my sandy phone and go dive into the silver sea one last time before the sun sets. Promise me you’ll take it slow this weekend and do something that lights YOU up!

I’d love to hear from you. Please comment with your rest rituals below!




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