Adventures for the Soul: Day 12



Life is a journey, not a destination.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hello from beachy Sihanoukville!

Today we traveled down south for a four-night beach stay in Sihanoukville. After an overwhelming and exciting time exploring Vietnam and Cambodia’s cultural and spiritual heritage, I’m looking forward to some sand, salt and sunshine!

I noticed that different modes of transportation has been a big part of this journey so far. I’ve traveled by taxi, bus, airplane, motorbike, tuk-tuk, shuttle bus, bicycle, 4X4, train and of course by foot!

I’ve encountered the dearest souls on my travels. I am so fortunate and thankful. Particularly the drivers of the taxis, buses, trains or tuk-tuks have lit me up!

Some days on my journey, my greatest pleasure and fulfillment has come from interacting with these individuals. A smile, singing a song together, a chat.

I’d like to take this chance to remind you that your life’s purpose, whatever it may be…is about the journey, not the destination.

Enjoy, celebrate and love the place you find yourself in your life NOW. Stop assuming that it will get better when this or that happens. The moment you’re in right now deserves your full attention.


Here’s a tip:

When you find yourself over-thinking and becoming anxious about the future or the past, allow your mind to think about it for an allocated amount of time. For example, for five minutes or half an hour. Then, dedicate yourself to returning beautifully to the present moment. Breathe deeply, take it in.

It is okay to think about the future or the past for an allocated amount of time when your thoughts are most practical.

We can’t really live in today’s society without certain practicalities. By practicalities I mean planning ahead, time managment, talking, work, grocery shopping etc. What’s important to note is to remember the return to mindfulness.


Furthermore, you can return to the present by repeating a guiding mantra. You’re welcome to use this one for a little push in the now’s direction:



Until tomorrow,

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