Adventures for the Soul: Day 10



You can’t claim heaven as your own if you are just going to sit under it.

Cambodian Proverb


It’s been three days since the New Moon. The waxing crescent moon lights up the night, slowly but surely as it expands into itself. With the end of Lunar New Year, I find myself staring at the yellowy pink sky and its promise of a hopeful year in Cambodia, grateful.

Today was spent traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia. In a bus filled with South Africans, Indians, Russians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Taiwanese and even a Buddhist monk, our journey was sure to be an adventure!

Although we spent quite a solid amount of time at the Vietnam- Cambodia border, it turned out to be a smooth process. I love how my passport is filling up with Visa’s from all over the world!

To be honest, I’m quite tired today. The past ten days have been all about filling my deep hunger for knowledge and quenching my thirst for ancient spiritual teachings. We went for a short walk at sunset and will spend the night recovering indoors.


Speaking of “recovering”, the waxing crescent moon is a symbol for regeneration and growth. So, during this moon phase, I recommend that you become alert of the new desires you hold within you heart. Act on them because the waxing moon’s energy aligns with this desire to grow and regenerate. It’s a suitable time time to begin a new venture, throw around new ideas or turn over a new leaf!

Thank you for reading.




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