Adventures for the Soul: Day 8



Hello from Saigon on the first day of the Lunar New Year!

The streets are filled with bright-eyed natives and foreigners, dingy club music, motorbikes and cute little children!


Today we traveled to the South Western region of Vietnam, to the Mekong Delta, also known as the “Nine Dragon River”.

The Mekong Delta is a large river that empties into the Chinese sea through nine distributaries and varies in size from season to season.

It is most known for being a “biological treasure trove” with over 1000 recorded animal species and new species of plants, fish and mammals that continue to be discovered.

The day was spent exploring the peaceful countryside of the burgeoning capital. First we experienced a traditional honey tea tasting paired with a Vietnamese Folk Music concert.

Afterward, we canoed along the river where we saw stilt houses, fruit plantations and fishing villages. We arrived at “An Kanh”, a small village that specialises in making coconut sweets. Lucky enough we got to taste see the making of these sweets!

Lastly we visited a vibrant Vietnamese Buddhist pagoda with larger than life Buddhist figures that stretch 35 metres up into the heavens! The were many people praying and celebrating the Chinese New Year.

(To see pics of these figures, go check out my Instagram and give it a Like! Here’s the link:


So, what did I take from my discoveries today?

Having spent time in the peaceful country side is a reminder to consistently be mindful of the small things in your life…
Sipping on a cup of tea, the few moments you get to taste and chew a piece of candy, watching a grandfather play a traditional instrument, the sound of moving water, the power of a prayer. Simple, powerful, massively meaningful if you allow it to be.

Today I urge you to look closely at the simple things in your life that you often take for granted. Give thanks to them, enjoy the moment you’re in!


Here is a mantra for mindfulness. Repeat for awesomeness!:



Until tomorrow,

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