Adventures for the Soul: Day 6



Mahatma Gandhi on Hinduism:

“If I were asked to define the Hindu creed, I should simply say: Search after truth through non-violent means. A man may not believe in God and still call himself a Hindu. Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth… Hinduism is the religion of truth. Truth is God. Denial of God we have known. Denial of truth we have not known.”

Today was spent at the most incredible spiritual site I have seen on my journey thus far! The My Son Holy Land (pronounced “Mee Sun”).

It is an ancient kingdom that originated in the 4th century and lasted until the 10th century.

This kingdom is similar in appearance to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, just older and smaller.

You’ll be surprised to know, just as I was, that this ancient place is of Hindu descent, not Buddhist.

This is because, in the 4th century, the Viet people only inhabited the northern part of the country. Indians inhabited southern Vietnam during this time.

So what is the Holy Land of My Son, you ask? It is an ancient place of worship.

At My Son, three gods were worshipped: Shiva, Brama and Visnu.

Shiva was the god of creation and destruction, Brama was the god of destruction and Visnu the god of creation.

You may recognise Shiva from traditional religious scriptures as the figure with six arms holding weapons and jewels. He was the all-powerful god who created to destroy and destroyed to create. Although it seems very aggressive, it’s been said that these principles were about “making everything better”; allowing for evolution.

Shiva is also identifiable by the two-headed snake enveloping his chest and always being seated on an altar.

He had three children: two sons and a daughter. He transformed his sons into “Ganesha”, the renowned Hindu figure of the elephant head with the human body. As the Ganesha, Shiva’s sons became the gods of luck, prosperity and longevity.

His daughter, however, was not as fortunate as her brothers. Because daughters were seen as unimportant and insignificant beings during this time, Shiva killed her. Her name was Ponaga.


Worth a mention: during the Vietnam War, the My Son valley was bombed and almost all it’s relics were ruined. However, the Vietnamese partnered with the Polish and Germans to restore the out-of-this-world ancient relics to what it is today.


The rest of the day was spent sipping on cold pressed juices, walking and writing. As I look to the past for answers about the future, I see that all I have control over is now. Be blessed on your journeys, wherever you may go. Thank your ancestors for your past, revel in the beauty of the present and welcome whatever it is that is to come in the future.




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