Adventures for the Soul: Day 2



Vietnam, here we come!

Beloved Ones,

The first glimmer of sunshine saw us running and running to catch our plane! We made it! Just in time! Naps never felt as delicious.

Around 4pm we set foot onto Vietnamese lands for the very first time. At International Arrivals, I breathed in what felt like the first fresh breath of air in days. The sun here was light, smoky and the air around me flowery and, well, different. This feeling made the long journey it took to get here worth my while.

As we approached the city, my spirit sank calmly into itself. Modern bridges, open spaces and quaint and colourful buildings swept me up into it’s arms. Is it too early to say I’m in love?

Dinner on the 11th floor was just as fresh and soothing. The combination of stillness, sparkly city lights and lemony “phõ” had our hearts bursting with awe!

Now I say good night with a grateful heart. Tomorrow we hit Emerald Halong Bay for a day out on the water!



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